Anne, Professional Artist:

“Amy is extraordinary! She is a fun, focused, artistic, sensitive, helpful, organizationally-gifted, energetic, angel, taskmaster.”

Anne, East Rock resident and Professor

“Amy absolutely transformed my house!  She has an amazing eye for design, and in addition to looking beautiful, all my rooms were expertly organized (including closets and basement!) by the time she got done with them.  She has abundant energy for tackling even the hardest jobs.  I cannot recommend Amy more highly!”

Katie, Brand new Mama:

"Amy brings both creativity and warmth to her photography work. As a first time mother, I experienced the early weeks with my baby as a complete and total blur. Having images of my newborn baby at only 10 days is wonderful and I can't stop looking at the photos. Amy was able to swoop in at a very fragile, precious time to capture the personality of this tiny little being, while also showing the love we share for her and our new family."

Corey, Mother of 3 rollicking boys:

“Amy’s photographs of my children help to freeze a moment in time. They both reflect and reveal the unique aspects of each of them as individuals. I cherish the moments she captures in her images.”